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Used Mountain bikes make great bikes for commuting to work. Why do I say that?

Used mountain bike have several advantages like they are inexpensive so you’re not only saving money on gas but you’re saving on the cost of the bike. Good mountain bikes that you buy new these days are certainly not cheap. However because bike have been being built stronger and more durable over the last few years there are thousands of great secondhand bikes foe sale at a fraction of the cost of buying new. You just need to know what and where to look for them.

There are some things you need to look for in a secondhand bike and you need to know that each bike tends to be a bit different then the next (as if you didn’t realize that). That means you can’t just go by price for your comparison. Beyond price and of course condition of the bike, there are frame materials and components and type of suspension and brakes that are all a part of the equation. 

When it comes to the frame material of a mountain bike there is predominantly three materials used: steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. The predominant material used today for mountain bike though is aluminum. Manufacturers like it because it is lightweight and stiff. With this less flexible frame more of the bike rider's energy goes into forward motion. Thus these bikes are fast and lively. However, this stiffness can make you feel the bumps more and have a less comfortable ride.

The suspension is another part of getting a comfortable ride on rough ground. There are mountain bikes with no suspension which usually are the cheapest and are great for smooth roads like you would normally find commuting to work.

There are mountain bikes with a front suspension only often called hardtails. Then there are full suspension mountain bikes the best for going on rough off road trails.

The components are the gears and shifters and derailleur’s etc. Here if you buy a name brand bike you are normally going to get a decent quality component set. But on off brand name bikes check for Shimano they are a very popular maker of components. The thing is there are a lot of different qualities so you will have to check.

The condition of the bike is one of the big deals. One way of trying to figure this out it’s condition is to ask the seller things like how old it is, how far it’s been ridden and how often it was serviced. Maintenance is probably the biggest thing. If a bike has been maintained properly the miles it has gone are a lot less important.

Commuting to work on a bike every day is a great thing to do. It is good for your health. It is good for your pocket as you will be saving a lot of gas money. It is good for the environment with that much less exhaust fowling up our air. But the only way you will stay consistent at it is by having a good bike to use.

You can often get that good bike by finding one of the good used mountain bikes available on the market. This way you can buy a better quality bike and spend less money at the same time. It is the best way to go in my mind.

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