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The Hottest Women From Game Of Thrones (Ranker)

_The hottest women on "Game of Thrones" make your pulse race more than than
the battles. These girls are the reason we have fantasies, and apparently our
fantasies will get us laid. To vote on your other [male] favorites, check out
this list of the Best Game of Thrones Characters.

From the Dragon Queen, to the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, these chicks look
good covered in blood, mud, and sweat. They are ladies after our heart, among
other organs. Here are the most attractive women from "Game of Thrones", sexy
ladies all.


** Carice van Houten

** CHARACTER: Eastern priestess Melisandre of Asshai serves as an advisor to
Stannis Baratheon. She uses her ability to see the future to predict that
Stannis will be the one to lead the people of Westeros to R'hllor, but her
influence on Stannis, including sexually, is not welcomed by all.

BACKGROUND: Actress Carice van Houten has earned Golden Calf awards at the
Netherlands Film Festival for her work on the TV movie "Suzy Q," in the 2001
film "Undercover Kitty" and in the 2006 World War II movie "Black Book."
Additionally, she's been honored for her roles in "De ...


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