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Michael Lohan Blames Samantha Ronson For Lindsay's Problems: 'She Dragged Her Down' (Huffington post)

Michael Lohan says he thinks Samantha Ronson is to blame for Lindsay's

In an interview with The Dirty's Nik Richie, Michael broached the topic of
Ronson and Lindsay when Richie started talking about the actress' partying
habits and the relationship Lindsay had with her ex, whom she began dating in
2008. Michael says the DJ used his daughter and "dragged her down."

"Lindsay was in a pretty okay place at the time until she got involved with
Samantha," he said, alleging Ronson received $175,000 for a photo she took of
Lindsay passed out in her car. "People use Lindsay like that. And she's very
susceptible... Where's Samantha now? Do you see Samantha in the press? Do you
see her getting press? No! Because she's not with Lindsay anymore, that's
pretty pathetic!"


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Huffington post

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